Hasn’t He Always Come Through?

In Joshua chapter 4 he told the people to take twelve stones form the Jordan River, “from the place where the priests’ feet stood firm.”  He had them do this as a sign, a point of reference to remind them of what the Lord had done.  It was a visible, tangible sign that would cause their descendants to ask questions and give them opportunity to share the things the Lord did for them, it also would be an ever present reminder to them of the goodness and provision of their God.

As I was reading this scripture this morning I was reminded of the importance of this.  Several years ago I began a Memorial Book, a personal journal where I would record trials and triumphs, yes the trials were ALWAYS followed by a triumph.  God was ALWAYS FAITHFUL to provide.  Over the years as I read back through those times, it brings encouragement to my heart.  I KNOW that what GOD did before HE IS ABLE to do again!  There is a song titled, He’ll do it again.  The lyrics to the chorus are:
And He’ll do it again
He’ll do it again
If you’ll just take a look
At where you are now
And where you’ve been
Well hasn’t He always come through for you
He’s the same now as then
oh, You may not know how
You may not know when
But He’ll do it again
No matter what you are going through, your faith will be built on God’s Word when you meditate on It and on past victories. 
In this account in Joshua, as in the account of the parting of the Red Sea (Exodus 14) I am reminded that God Can and Will remove obstacles, hindrances,  and enemies that try to keep me from receiving what He has for me.  Be encouraged!!  Those walls that seem too tall, those mountains that seem too wide – whatever circumstances you are facing are NOT a match for our God!  He IS Big enough, He IS able to get you through, around, under, across, etc to the place of His promise!  Don’t give up!
I would encourage you today to start your own Memorial Book.  Start with what you can remember and then add to it.  In times of trial go back and read it, remember how God was faithful in the past.  Find scripture to stand on for what you need.  God never changes, He is Always Faithful and He will ALWAYS COME THROUGH FOR YOU!!! 

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