Pursuing the Father

It’s been hot this June outside but it’s been so good inside at Wow Church; we have been focusing and pursuing on the Father God, our Heavenly Father. We’re not doing a systematic series but the Holy Spirit has been guiding and directing this topic that we focus our devotion and honor the Father.

On Wednesday nights, we have been looking at a study on the major characters of the Bible. This study is designed to look at the history and lessons of these people of faith; which ultimately points to the heart of God to love and save people. Even with Adam and Eve, we saw that when sin entered the world, Adam and Eve tried covering their sin by their own efforts but God came Himself and covered their sin with the shedding of blood. This was a type and shadow of the love of God in action at the cross when He would send Jesus to save us.

In our Sunday morning Life Groups, we have been focusing on the need for repentance. Repentance is not just laying down our sins but it is a change of heart and mind to seek and follow Jesus. The path of repentance is to lead you back to the arms of the Father. You don’t get saved to just go to Heaven. You get saved through repentance to come to the Father. Read Luke 15:11-32 the story of the Prodigal Son and see for yourself that his repentance led him back to his father’s loving embrace.

Our Sunday morning services from Pastor Will Have been focusing on the love of God on display on the topics of overcoming discouragement and focusing on the goodness of God. The Month of June is the month for celebrating Fathers and we can take that time to honor our Father in Heaven. You might have had a good earthly father such as the writer of this article or perhaps your earthly father wasn’t there for you or supported you. Either way, you have a Heavenly Father who loves you and cherishes you. The Word gives us instructions on how to love and show honor to God. The Old Testament saints didn’t see God as a Father. It wasn’t until Jesus came that He shifted and transitioned their and our beliefs that God could be seen as a Father who loves us.

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