The King Returns

As the two-thousand twenties started the world shifted. This will be a decade remembered and marred by the global pandemic and the social and political outrage and questioning of the vaccine that followed. It has been a decade of racial and gender issues. It has been a decade of ever increasing suspicion of the government and its leaders. War in Ukraine and Israel have yet to relent their hold. The rise of digital implants, crypto currency, new world orders, artificial intelligence and many more are all pointing to and setting the stage for the end of the age. What do we know? Probably less than we like to guess. What do we suspect?t More than we likely have rights to. What can we be sure of? We can be sure of the Word of God. 
Jesus outlines for his followers and is recorded by his disciple Matthew the timeline for the end of the age. This can be found in Matthew 24. For the month of February Pastor Will Duke has been giving us a light but insightful overview of the end times events including the rapture, and the day of the Lord and starting in March he will share on the Anti-Christ. A little hint, the Anti-Christ will not be Donald Trump or Barrack Oboma.
The Christian who has their faith in the grace of Jesus Christ the Hope of Glory need not be afraid of the end times but should be prepared and keep their eyes on the sky. We need to know the Word of God and be ready to give a reason for our faith when questioned. As the wheels of time roll on we need not fear the end of the age but live with hope and expectation for the Lords return as He commanded us to do in the parable of the 10 virgins. The five virgins who had oil and were prepared for the bridegroom were the ones who met him upon his return. Stay filled with the Spirit and share the good news of Jesus with a friend today. Invite them to church! Remember Jesus is coming back again. 

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